Barry & Kay Schrader's Information

Come to this website to find the latest update on Barry's pancreatic cancer status as well as his wife Kay. They will not be able to respond to emails. Cards can be sent to them at P.O. Box 851, DeKalb, IL 60115

Barry & Kay's Update

June 30, 2020

It is with deep sadness that the Schrader family informs all of the passing of Barry Schrader. He passed quietly late morning on June 30, 2020. Funeral arrangements, flowers, and contact information TBD at a later date due to the virus. Barry will be missed by many, as a true friend, and an amazing storyteller. If you start to miss him just read one of his tales on this site, and enjoy him all over again.

June 27, 2020

Darrin, Barry's son, has stated that Barry has moved into the health center at Oak Crest and is no longer responding to emails and calls. His his health has declined to the point he needs more constant care.

DeKalb Daily Chronicle ........................June 11, 2020

The two local Rotary clubs surprised me over the weekend with this tree planted outside the new addition to Oak Crest. I was so sorry Kay couldn't be there to see it but she is still confined and isolated in the nursing wing. Her sister Carol did come as did 35 Rotarians from the two clubs. It was a beautiful sunny day.
They are testing all of us at Oak Crest next week for Covid-19. Governor requires all nursing homes, staff and patients be tested ASAP. We are the only one out of four in the county that has NO cases so far. I continue to lose weight as I can only have liquids now.

Livermore Independant ........................May 7, 2020

I just recieved the May 2020 issue of the Livermore Heritage Guild newsletter with a story about my love affair with my adopted hometown of Livermore.
While I appreciate the glowing tribute by the writers, I should not be given so much credit for publicizing the Livermore Centennial Lightbulb. Many others had just as big a part in this project, including Livermore Herald and News reporter Mike Dunstan, who wrote the first story about its longevity. Others who deserve as much credit are former Fire Chief Stu Gary, Tom Bramell, Dick Jones, Anna Siig, Tim Sage, and the late Lynn Owens, just to name a few.
Over the years I had the privilege of working on other projects with exceptional people who rallied to save the Southern Pacific depot, make Las Positas College what it is today, preserve our vineyard region, create the first Historymobile, and recover the "lost" Centennial time capsule.
So many fond memories come flooding back as I recall our 35 years in the Tri Valley and the many friends we made. As some of your readers know I have been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. I am greatful for the many letters and e-mails I have received in recent weeks. Thanks you all from the bottom of my heart.

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 I decided to enter Hospice care with JourneyCare April 30 and have had regular visits from their team to our duplex at Oak Crest weekly since then. My Stage 4 pancreatic cancer has advanced to the point where I can no longer eat solid foods, so am forced to rely on soft and liquid food diet now. Our younger son Darrin has continued to stay here with me while our older son Todd stops in almost daily. I chose not to enter the Oak Crest health center (nursing facility) at this time since there is the threat of Covid-19 eventually hitting all the nursing facilities in the area. With my compromised immune system I would never survive that. Kay has been back in the Oak Crest Health Center since March and since they secluded everyone to their rooms and allow no visitors our only contact has been through FaceTime. She is OK physically but very sad and confused as to why she must live there. I have only told her it is because I am sick but no other details at this point. Please share this with mutual friends who may not have this website address. I will try to have updates posted atmy website, weekly or as things change. I am not able to answer all your calls or emails. Our mailing address is P.O. Box 851, DeKalb, IL. 60115. Thanks you for your friendship.
Barry Schrader

For the first time they brought Kay to glass wall outside the health center dining room so I could be on the other side and talk by phone. She enjoyed seeing me up close and put her hand on the glass so we could touch through the glass. We had about 20 minutes and may try doing again next week.

 5/20/2020  Barry's is still in his duplex, and his son Darrin is still with him.
 5/7/2020 Kay is currently in the Oak Crest Retirement Center health center unit, under lockdown. Barry is now in hospice care but is staying at his duplex home for now. Their younger son Darrin is with him at the present time.



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