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Barry Schrader


I currently write a column each Tuesday for the DeKalb Daily Chronicle. The column will also appear on this website each week and be added to the archives.

The Articles started December 2007.


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Someone old, someone new ...

By Barry Schrader.................................June 22, 2010

We got the thrill of seeing a newborn baby this past week, only 14 days old and totally oblivious of all the news around the world at his moment of birth. He happens to be a great-grand nephew on my wife’s side of the family, so that is my full disclosure but not the reason for the column.
This old man will turn 70 later this year and my wife is rumored to be planning a surprise birthday party in a barn, location as yet undecided, for me. I would love to break out my only pair of bib overalls and my DeKalb Ag collectors cap, so maybe she can ask everyone invited to wear their Levi’s as well. By the way, I hope that the invitation list will be somewhat exclusive – only people who read this column. I will need to remind my wife that a drum and bugle corps would be a nice touch, plus a cameo appearance by the Oak Crest Kitchen Band.
But let’s get back to what is important about a new life starting when an old one is playing out. This youngster, whose first two initials are J.D., will get to read a Daily Chronicle in a few years that I am framing and preserving from his day of birth. He will

Baby JD

find out his entry onto this tired old globe was during the Great Oil Spill of 2010, the scintillating Blagojevich trial, the mega-dump debate, the Blackhawks taking the Stanley Cup, and the Cubs headed to their first World Series championship in a century (well, maybe that is a bit too much to hope for).
When this little infant graduates from Indian Creek High School in the Class of 2028, I predict they will hold the graduation party at the Potawatomi Casino and Convention Center at the edge of Shabbona, which by then will have a population of 14,900. By then the wind turbines now surrounding his farm will be replaced by solar cells on his roof that will provide all the energy each household needs. And his transportation vehicle will no longer use fossil fuels but fuel cells or batteries you can buy at the hardware store.
I foresee Amy Carter and Chelsea Clinton vying for the Democratic nomination for president that year and one of President Barack Obama’s daughters will already have a seat in Congress. Most likely the Republican Party will have been replaced by the Whigs. J.D. will enroll in college in China and major in Blogging, spending much of his time on the Internet taking classes from home while still working the family farm part time. For a vacation he will grab the space shuttle for some R & R on the moon base where young people seek a break from the hustle and bustle of life on Earth.
Now that was the good news. By 2028 I will have had my ashes scattered near my favorite camping spot in Yosemite and my wife Kay will be playing honky tonk piano with the Oak Crest Kitchen Band.
Wouldn’t it be exciting to see an advance copy of that June 2028 newspaper – or more likely, have the latest version of the iPad containing all the news from around the world at that moment?!?!

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