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Barry Schrader


I wrote this weekly column for the Daily Chronicle in DeKalb, Illinois from December 2007 until May 2011.

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Seasonal changes shift over time


By Barry Schrader.................................September 27, 2011

Can summer really be over?

Summer has come and gone and another season approaches. But wait, summer is not over until each of us wants it to be over. The calendar states autumn began Sept. 23, but not in my book.

When I was young, summer ended when the school bus pulled up in front of our place.

Then when I entered the working world, it was after Labor Day when we had our last fling at a three-day weekend, or even a month later when we went up to our Lake Kegonsa cabin and pulled the pier out of the water. Now I want to drag this season out until Indian Summer comes.

Barry next to corn as high as an elephants eye. (Barry Schrader photo)

This year I wondered if summer was over when the Sandwich Fair ended, but that was really too early. I am a dyed-in-the-wool fair buff and have to go multiple times. After having lunch one day there with my old Genoa schoolmate Eddie Carter – who used to publish the Hinckley Review and is now head of the Illinois postal service workers union – I headed over to see the new fair museum created by Joan Hardekopf. She graciously gave me a tour of the little building packed to the ceiling with the type of memorabilia many of us might still have in our basements.

Now about this changing season: Guess I will have to let it be autumn since I am in the “autumn” of my life. So I’ll enjoy it one day at a time. In my book, fall won’t end until the Sycamore Pumpkin Festival is over. Meanwhile, during the next month I look forward to passing under those colorful trees that arch over Somonauk Street in Sycamore. You don’t have to drive anywhere else to see all the vibrant fall colors in one place.

It feels good to be writing columns again, and I hope to see you

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