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Letter to the editor in March 3 DeKalb Daily Chronicle:

Questioning hospital’s decision

To the editor:

First I want to express my gratitude for the overwhelming response to my earlier letter calling for the re-opening of the mental health unit (Center for Behavioral Health) at Kishwaukee Hospital. Many concerned citizens around DeKalb County, health care providers, patient families and former staff in that unit called to express support for keeping mental health care available locally.

I also want to thank Rep. Bob Pritchard for meeting with me, then offering to hold a public hearing on the issue. But the DeKalb County Community Mental Health Advisory Board has now taken a leadership role by setting an open forum for March 9. Now let’s hope the 18 hospital board members show they care by attending this meeting.

After learning a lot more from numerous callers I have some questions for the board. Why weren’t the eight or more psychiatrists who can admit patients to that unit “consulted” before such a drastic action was taken, instead of just being “informed?” Did board members consult with police chiefs or Sheriff Roger Scott to get their opinions? Why didn’t they wait for the results of a county-wide survey that had just been mailed to 4,000 homes relating to mental health needs of the residents? The results of that needs assessment survey were just reported out to the Mental Health Advisory Board this month. And why was the decision made in a closed door meeting without ever asking for public input or even issuing a press release about what they had done?

Sure there were compliance issues that needed addressing, staffing shortages that confront every hospital in the country, and a lack of experienced unit management that caused headaches for the CEO, but most hospital administrators would “take an aspirin” and work the problem out, not “take a scalpel” and excise the problem from their hospital entirely. How many millions of donors’ dollars were spent on this first class, state-of-the-art unit that they now want to abandon forever? I hope the public gets some answers on March 9. It’s at 7 p.m. in the County Public Health Department multi-purpose room at 2574 N. Annie Glidden Road, DeKalb.

Barry Schrader

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