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DeKalb Daily Chronicle July 9, 2009
By DANA HERRA - dherra@daily-chronicle.com

State decision on mental health unit postponed

DeKALB –Both sides of the debate over whether to close Kishwaukee Community Hospital's behavioral health unit will have to wait seven more weeks to hear from the state agency that will decide the matter.
The Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board announced Thursday that its meeting scheduled for next week has been canceled.
The planning board, a division of the Illinois Department of Public Health, is tasked with ensuring the supply of medical space and services is in balance with demand across the state. The board was supposed to meet next Wednesday and Thursday, and on the agenda was KCH's request to close its six-bed inpatient mental health unit. The board announced Thursday it will instead meet for the next time in September.
"In the briefest of terms, it's fair to say we were disappointed," KishHealth Systems Vice-President of Business Development Joe Dant said. "We felt we were well-prepared for the discussion. ... We'd rather have them ready, and if this means they're taking time to get ready for our application and other applications, that's good. But we would much rather have gone down there next week and brought this to some resolution."
Jerry Lane, spokesman for DeKalb County Citizens for Better Mental Health Care, said the delay will not have any real impact on the operations of the citizens' group opposing the unit's closure. The group had already planned to submit one more letter to the board before a July 13 deadline addressing the hospital's arguments for closing the unit.
"They have one point of view and we have a different point of view, and that's not going to change," Lane said. "It's just waiting to see which point of view succeeds."
The hospital has argued that the unit is underutilized and difficult to staff. It is currently staffed on an on-call basis only because of the irregularity of admissions, hospital administrators have said.
Opponents to the closure have argued that inpatient mental health care is a necessary resource to have in the community and are urging health officials to look at alternatives to outright closure of the unit.
Rescheduled meeting
The Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board is next scheduled to meet at 9 a.m. Sept. 1 at the Northfield Inn, Suites & Conference Center, 3280 Northfield Drive in Springfield.


BF51 wrote on July 10, 2009 4:06 p.m.
"certainly not the first time that the kish administration has messed up. Just looking at the way they have behaved during this circus, THEY NEVER HAVE A PLAN B!!!!! Very bad strategy to make decisions based on best case senarios.Somehow Dant thinks that in two months lies will turn miraculously into truth. The good thing was that the true nature of some of the figures of the community was revealed. We all learnt that we can always rely on Barry,Jerry and Dr Kirts. Drs who sold us out, Drs Dennisson , Kraft, Yasin, Kulich, Feldman and Hadi. "
"That is not the only thing that the opponents want to do. Obviously keeping any medical services in limbo the way that they have been doing creates legal issues that must first be addressed. Besides the discontinuation of services was abrupt at the end of November. Pointing to a deliberate decision not to admit. Was there a reason that Drs suddenly stopped admitting? what has the hospital done to address their concerns? then the disclosure about the high legal expenses of the hospital in 2008. I am sure Dant has a "well prepared" answer for this discussion. We are listening!"

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