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Letter to the editor in March 18, DeKalb Daily Chronicle:

Forum was beneficial

To the editor:
I would like to thank the Community Mental Health Board for hosting the March 9 forum on the health system’s plan to close the hospital’s six-bed Center for Behavioral Health. Mike Cullen, KishHealth system board president; Brad Copple, KCH administrator, and I, appreciated the opportunity to explain the reasons behind the board’s decision.
We made it very clear that the health system board and management team are committed to discussing and collaborating with others on addressing community’s health needs, including mental health. We look forward to further dialogue with Ben Gordon Center, the Mental Health Board and the DeKalb County Health and Human Services Committee.
The state board is expected to consider our application to discontinue the inpatient mental health service in July. The Center for Behavioral Health will not close until that decision is made, and the hospital’s Emergency Department will always be the safety net for individuals in crisis.
Also, on behalf of the board of the directors and senior management team, I’d like to acknowledge the Daily Chronicle’s efforts to understand and present both sides of the issues in its news coverage. The thoughtful March 15 editorial supporting the health system board’s decision was greatly appreciated as well.

Kevin Poorten
President and CEO
KishHealth System

Reasoning for editorial was ‘demolished’ at hearing

To the editor:

I have been saddened by your recent editorial supporting the decision of the Kishwaukee Hospital’s board to close the “Behavioral Health” unit. It is very difficult to believe the person who wrote it actually listened to the testimony of the aggrieved, and interested citizens, including hospital employees, who demolished all of the reasons given in support of the closure.
The few hospital representatives were allowed to use up nearly half of the time depriving several citizens the opportunity to speak at Monday’s hearing.
I suspect that if the cost of all the advertising the hospital buys to claim they are always here to”serve” us were used to support the “Behavioral Health” unit it would be well able to “serve” those who need it!

Jack Bennett

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