Will the Last Person

Leaving Livermore

Please Unscrew the Bulb

In Fire Station One

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..feet that same year. Another well was drill-
..ed seven miles southeast of Livermore in
..1901 and showed more promise.

..Snakes From Her Faucet. In August 1897
..two snakes entered the city water supply
..somewhere up the mocho and exited from
..faucets in town. The first find, according
..to a Herald story, "was about 10 inches
..long and a seal brown color, causing havoc
..in a lady's bathtub when discovered." Her
..husband captured the snake alive and it
..was displayed at the newspaper office.

..Weather. Always a subject of interest, es-
..pecially during dry years and blistering
..summers .... According to reports pub-
..lished in The Herald and some Zone 7
..records the driest years since 1870 have
..been 1975-76 with only 4.74 inches of rain


..1876-77 with 6.01 inches, and 1923-24 with
..6.03 inches. Wettest seasons have been
..1982-83 with 31.95 inches, 1889-90 with
..28.66 inches, and 1892-93 with 26.29
..inches. Temperatures are not available for
..the past 100 years, but reports of 115 to 118 .have been heard as well as lows in the 10
..to 12 degree range.Where is Joel M. Jones
..when we need him? It was reported in the
..1897 Livermore Echo that Mr. Jones held
..the "rainmaker" championship at the time.
..For 11 consecutive years he was first to cut
..his hay crop in the valley, and in each case
..rain followed by a few hours. The Echo
..said, "Last Friday he commenced cutting,
..and on Saturday night there fell one of the .biggest rains of the season..."

..Newspaper Editors weren't as tame and
..polite to each other as the local fishwrapper
..computer jockeys are today. In an 1897


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