Will the Last Person

Leaving Livermore

Please Unscrew the Bulb

In Fire Station One

Page 11

..issue of the Livermore Echo the Editor
..stated in his column headed: A Pitiable
..Spectacle! "Compassion incited by the piti-
..able spectacle presented by the Editor of
..the Herald through his recent expose of his
..true character leads us to refrain from com-
..ment theron - believing that fraternal
..forebearance can best be exemplified by
..leaving our brother editor wholly to the
..tender mercies of a community whose every
..sense of decency he has outraged...."

..Can you imagine Bob Goll (current Val-
..ley Times editor) saying that about Tim
..Hunt (Herald) or Janet Armantrout (The
), .and Bob Several (The In- .dependent) attacking
.Ernie Hines (current .Herald editor) in today's local newspaper wars?
.. Instead, now they fight it out with
..advertising dollars and circulation figures. .And most of the publishers don't allow
..their staffs to even mention the competi-
..tion in print! The old days were more
..entertaining by a far site!!


..First Rodeo. The first Livermore Rodeo
..was held over Independence Day in 1918
..and in 1919 the Livermore Stockmen's Ro
..deo Association was formed and grand-
..stands built at a rodeo grounds near where
..Sunken Gardens is today, at the east end of
..Pacific Avenue.

..Street Lights. In 1888 the town got its first
..electric lights, including 11 arc lights on
..the street. These and a few gas lamps re-
..placed the kerosene street lamps which
..had been in use since 1879. In 1901 the
..first incandescent electric street lights, 68
..of them, were furnished to the town by
..the Livermore Water & Power Co. at a rate
..of $1.50 each per month.

.."Aunt" Lizzie Oliver. This lady lived in
..the first house built on what is now named




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