Will the Last Person

Leaving Livermore

Please Unscrew the Bulb

In Fire Station One

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..South Livermore Avenue where the Pa-
..cific telephone building is today. She was
..somewhat of a town character, wearing
..fancy hats from time to time and keeping
..very much to herself in the honse. In the
..summer of 1901 due to her eccentric be-
..havior the cashier of the old Bank of Liver-
..more filed a petition with the court to have
..a local attorney appointed as her guardian
..and Lizzie declared incompetent. The
..judge in Oakland so ruled and she was
..placed in the Old Ladies' Home at Temes-
..cal, California. Her son John Griffin was
..also examined by the judge and as a result
..of his condition he was committed to

..It is believed by many residents (even
..historians) that the street on which she
..lived was named after her, but other re-
..ports indicate that William Mendenhall
..filed a map with the County Recorder in
..1869 using the name Lizzie Street, after his


..daughter Mrs. Curtis (Lizzie) Lindley.
..The other Lizzie (Oliver) didn't move to
..Livermore until 1871. However, another
..account in the paper years later stated that
..J. C. McLeod had hired "'Aunt Lizzie" as a
..cook at a hotel he owned in Centerville
..and then she moved to Livermore and he
..filed his subdivision map naming the street
..after her. In 1927 the city changed the
..street name to Livermore Avenue. (For
..the record, John Oliver, longtime reporter
..and then editor of the Herald in the early
..1970s, is not a descendant of Lizzie.)

..Company I. The monument in Carnegie
..(Library) Park honors the memory of
..Company I, Fifth infantry, of the Califor-
..nia National Guard, a Livemrore-based
..unit. It was organized April 20, 1900 in the
..local Odd Fellows Hall with 52 members
..sworn in that evening.
..The end of Company I came Sept. 24,


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