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In Fire Station One

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..1917 when it was consolidated with Com-
..pany A at Camp Kearney for World War I
..service. Livermore had been the smallest
..town in the state at the time to have its own
..National Guard unit.

..The soldiers were mustered into active
..duty four times: After the San Francisco
..earthquake from April 17 to May 19. 1906;
..to fight the Mt. Tamalpais Fire July 17-20,
..1913; to Mexican border duty near No-
..gales, Arizona June 25 to October 10, .1916; and at the outset of WWI on March .26, 1917 until merger with another unit that

..The aforementioned monument also lists
..local war dead from WWI, WWII, Korean
..War, and Vietnam if you read the plaques
..on each side.

..Town Names Predating Livermore. City
..residents may be amused to learn that in-
..stead of being called "Livermoreans" they


..might well have become "Nottingham-
..mers" or "Laddsvillians." The first name
..assigned the post office here on Jan, 15,
..1869 was Nottingham, so naTned aRcr the
..home town in England of Robert Liver-
..more (first Anglo-Saxon resident of the
..valley in 1835). The name was changed to
..Livermore on July 7, 1870. Also, prior to
..that in 1864 Alphonso S. Ladd erected the
..first frame dwelling and then a year later a
..two-story hotel in the area now intersected
..by Junction Avenue and Old First Street.
..There were some 50 residents of that com-
..munity by 1868 which became known as
..Laddsville, but it declined after the rail-
..road came through in 1869 and the depot
..was located in the Livermore (William
..Mendenhall's land) section to the west.
..The business section of Laddsville was
..nearly all burned to the ground in 1871
..and the merchants relocated nearer the
..new depot.



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