Will the Last Person

Leaving Livermore

Please Unscrew the Bulb

In Fire Station One

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..Brushy Peak. This small mountain (eleva-
..tion 1,575 feet) northeast of Livermore
..was named after the scrub oak trees cover-
..ing its south slope. The Mexicans called it
..Las Cuevas (the caves) referring to the
..large sandstone caves on its north side.

..Cave of Joaquin Murieta (Spanish spell-
..ing)--One of several large caves just east
..of Brushy Peak which legend has it this
..notorious bandit used as a lookout toward
..the San Joaquin Valley to prey on prospec-
..tors coming down from the Gold Country
..to San Francisco. It is also claimed that he
..had a hideout at Castle Rock in Corral
..Hollow, five miles east of the old town of

..Carnegie. It was located four miles east of
..Tesla on the old railroad line of the San


..Francisco & San Joaquin Coal Co. It center-
..ed around factories that made brick, terra
..cotta, and sewer pipe from about 1902 to
..1908. he town was torn down by 1917. It
..was named after the American steel mag-
..nate Andrew Carnagie.

..Corral Hollow. This long, narrow valley
..was named on account of a large corral
..built at the mouth of the creek in the early
..1850s used to catch wild horses driven in
..from the plains. Another account, however,
..attributes the name to Edward Carroll,
..one of the three original settlers there.

..Cowboy Alley. The portion of Fifth Street
..running between Livermore High School
..and St. Michaels Church, renamed "Cow-
..boy Alley" in the spring of 1990 by the city.



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