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..Crane Ridge. Named after Andrew Crane (1834-1909) who lived there with his family from 1876 to 1888.

..Cresta Blanca. It means "white crest" in Spanish, refering to the whitish outcroppings on the hillside. It was named by C. J. Wetmore who established his vineyards and winery there along Arroyo Road in 1880.

..Doolan Canyon. Named for its first settler Michael Doolan who arrived there in 1868 (he probably would have wanted it to be in Livermore's sphere of influence).

..Greenville. The small settlement and school on Northfront Road were named after John Green (1826-1895) who built a


..general store there in 1869. One of the subdivisions north of Springtown now bears his name. He also previously owned "Green Store" in Dublin.

..Jack London Boulevard. Formerly Las Positas Boulevard running from Murrieta to Kitty Hawk. Renamed by the in the spring of 1990 to honor the memory of the famous author who lived on a farm off Alden Lane as a youth from 1883-86.

..Jimbo's. Name of the first "topless" bar in Livermore during the late 1960s, located at the corner of Second and J streets where Raydana's tavern is today. Another bar that featured topless entertainment about the same time was The Hub, located on First Street near where Lizzie Fountain is today. Next to The Hub was the Sportsman's Cafe


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