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(until it was torn down along with the Hub) where it is said Independent publisher Joan Kinney (now Seppala) conducted more business than she did in her second floor office of the Schenone Building across the street during the 1960s and 70s.

..Midway. At one time the site of a Southern Pacific Railroad station, located some 16 miles by rail east of Livermore, so named because it was the halfway point between Altamount and Tracy.

..Mill Square. A 100-square-foot open space near the corner of First and Livermore in front of the flour mill erected in 1869. Now a park on the opposite corner of First Street bears that name.


..Rancho Las Positas. Meaning "little ponds or springs" in old Spanish, it was the name given to his ranch by Robert Livermore; that Spanish land grant and his later acquisition, Canada de los Vaqueros which was mostly in Contra Costa County, covered some 44,000 acres in the 1850s.

..Tassajara. Means loosley in Spanish "a place where strips of venison or beef are hung on lines in the sun to dry." It is derived from the word "tasajo" which is a dried meat we call jerky.

..Tesla. This was once a community in Coral Hollow 12 miles southeast of Livermore. It was a coal mining town where some 500 men were employed by the San Francisco & San Joaquin Coal Co. in the 1890s and early 1900s. A giant electric power plant was also planned there so it was named after the famous electrician Nikola Tesla.


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