Will the Last Person

Leaving Livermore

Please Unscrew the Bulb

In Fire Station One

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..Trevarno. This factory street (Coast Fuse Works) was named for the home of George Bickford at Tuckingmill, Cornwall, England who had the first plant for manufacturing safety fuse. It is a Welsh word meaning literally "head of the valley".

..Midway. At one time the site of a Southern Pacific Railroad station, located some 16 miles by rail east of Livermore, so named because it was the halfway point between Altamount and Tracy.

..Tubbsville. Settlement of cheap housing units formerly located on Railroad Avenue east of the new Bank of America. Built by the late George Tubbs who was mayor of Livermore from 1935-40.


..Vallecitos. It is the diminutive plural of the Spanish word "valle" meaning "little valleys. It is appropriate that the road leads "up hill and down dale" extending southwest to the Sunol Valley.

..Vasco. First the name of the land grant/ranch near Brushhy Peak, now the road name. The name Vasco could be a coruption of the Canyada de los Vaqueros or simply a contraction of the "Vaqueros Rancho" like "Frisco" means San Francisco. Another meaning is "Basque", named after the first landowners in that area.


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