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..Most Unforgetable Characters. Who are the most unforgetable Personalities in Livermore history over the past two or three decades? Every local will have a separate list, but for the record here are my selections in alphabetical order based on personal contacts, interviews, and their public impact (Add your choices to the list): Father Adams (Monsignor at Saint Michael's); Robert S. Allen (Conservative and first BART director); Zylpha Bernal Beck (pioneer family member, deceased); Jerry Bireley (service station owner, parade enthusiast); Pat Brosnan and Duane "Tiny" Benedix (deceased) (Pat is a promoter par excellence and Tiny was World Wrist-Wrestling Champion);


..Al Caffodio (news stand owner and kid's soccer promoter, deceased); Joe Cocannon (vintner, deceased); Jim Crocket (Liberal bookstore owner);Ozzie Davis (outspoken car dealer); Marlin Ebert (controversial city councilman); David Eller (gadfly); Lee Estes (photographer, deceased); Carol Jean Famariss (dance studio owner); Chet Fankhauser (rad lab administrator); Abe Feinberg (controversial teacher); Virginia Fellingham (rancher & Wells Fargo stage driver); Dick Fitch (Burton's Shoe Store owner, deceased); Charlie Fracisco (Eagles godfather); Joe Ginoni (oldtime bon vivant); Herb Hagemann (pioneer descendant/ historian); Walt Hecox (newspaperman);



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