Will the Last Person

Leaving Livermore

Please Unscrew the Bulb

In Fire Station One

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..Maitland Henry (longtime Herald publisher, deceased); Dorothy Hock (longtime city clerk); Joan (now Seppala) Kinney (upstart Independant publisher); Aida Kuendig (founder of homeless shelters); Gib Marguth (public figure); Manuel Medeiros (barber, civic leader, deceased); Masud Mehran (developer of Sunset Homes); Barbara Mertes (Valley Campus founding dean); Johnny Michelis (longtime Police Chief, deceased); Don Miller (most controversial local politician ever); Mel Nelson (former police chief); Janet Newton (valley historian and painter); May Nissen (beloved longtime teacher, deceased); John Oliver (newspaperman);



..Bill Owens (photographer, brewery entrepreneur); Bill Parness (longtime city manager); Ed & Olga Peiffer (community photography team); Valerie Raymond (former county supervisor); Katie Richardson (patriot, activist); Ed Rivinius (personable clothing store owner, deceased); Ed Rundstom (former schools superintendent and Chamber of Commerce manager); Joe Shirley (veterinarian, humanitarian); Renee Smith (civic dogooder); Edward Teller (international figure, father of the H-bomb); Margaret Tracy (environmentalist); Paul Tull (city council gadfly, deceased); Rev. John Turpin (activist Presbyterian minister); Howard Viera (longtime school music teacher, deceased); Norm Volponi (barber, outdoorsman); Karl Wente (vintor, deceased); Pete Winslow (poet & newspaperman, deceased).

If you hail from Pleasanton or Dublin you could start another list ... Birdie Bianchi, David Burton, Thurmon Caudill, Marie Cronin, John Edmands, DagmarFulton, Judge William Gale, Warre Harding, Ed Kinney, The Marshalls, John D. Murphy, George Spiliotopoulos, and on and on.


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