Will the Last Person

Leaving Livermore

Please Unscrew the Bulb

In Fire Station One

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.........................Flagpole. Undoubtedly
..the best known landmark in Livermore is
..the tail wooden flagpole at the intersection
..of First Street and South Livermore Ave-
..nue, The Fourth of July committee decid-
..ed on the size pole they wanted in 1.905 and
..purchased a tall Oregon pine pole, 126 feet
..long and about 18 inches in diameter at the
..base. It was picked up from a company in
..San Francisco for the sum of $207. It was
..then painted, sunk into the ground and
..dedicated on Admission Day, Saturday,
..Sept. 9, 1905.

..When installed it was 116 feet above
..ground. The committee determined a 21
..x 40 foot flag would be needed to fit the
..pole's great height. Many years later the
..pole was trimmed by 14 feet and moved a
..few yards south to its present, safer loca-



..tion. It had been hit by vehicles 61 times
..between 1931 and 1972, according to
..records kept by the late Police Chief

..Livermore Landmarks Tour. There are
..several monuments, landmarks and points
..of historical interest that people could visit
..in one day or on a weekend in the Liver-
..more area. Starting at the Robert Liver-
..more monument in Portola Park you can
..read the plaque on the plain cement base
..(the original monument was across the
..street a quarter mile to the west, construct-
..ed of native California stone in the shape
..of a high-backed chair nine feet tall and
..nine feet wide. It was dedicated May 12,
..1935 and contained a time capsule. When
..it was torn down by the city in the mid-
..1970s the capsule was buried under the
..new cement version).


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