Will the Last Person

Leaving Livermore

Please Unscrew the Bulb

In Fire Station One

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..Note the Duarte Garage/Lincoln High-
..way Museum building (with restored origi-
..nal Coca-Cola billboard) in the same park, .then drive south on Livermore Avenue
..to First Street, then left to the Old City
..Hall where there is a building plaque on
..the corner of McLeod and First streets.
..Driving west on First to Wall Street you
..can park and walk up the hill to see the
..Oak Knoll pioneer cemetery marker on a
..rock at the top. This was Livermore's first

..Then drive back to Murrieta and go
..southeast until it becomes Fourth Street.
..There you will see Centennial Park (dedi-
..cated in 1969) and the tall Totem Pole.
..Read its inscription and learn that Native
..American Adam Nordwall carved it to com-
..memorate the city's history. Then head to
..South L Street and turn south on it out of
..town where it becomes Arroyo Road and
..you will find the "Blind Boss" Buckley



..(onetime San Francisco political kingpin)
..Estate also known as Ravenswood (once
..owned by the Redemptionist Fathers)
..which is now a restored historic site, It is
..also destined to be the site of a valley wine

..You can then continue south past the
..VA Medical Center to the Wente Sparkling
..Wine Cellars. That was formerly the Cresta
..Blanca Winery founded by Charles Wet-
..more and the state historic plaque is still
..there in the tasting room. If you have time,
..go over to Robertson Park's Livermore
..Valley (Rodeo) Stadium and find the small
..monument to Livermore's 1930s world
..champion cowboy Johnie Schneider at the
..base of the rear stadium steps.

..Then on to South Livermore Avenue
..you can go south to see the state historic
..markers at both the Concannon and Wente
..Bros. wineries, then back into town to the
..city library where you will find four his-


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