Will the Last Person

Leaving Livermore

Please Unscrew the Bulb

In Fire Station One

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..toric points of interest in the small park
..area. On the stone slab you will find the
..marker honoring William Mendenhal,
..founder of the city, while the other side
..commemorates the 1776 passage of explor-
..er Juan Bautista De Anza through this
..valley (another marker out Tesla Road 13
..miles pinpoints the spot where he crossed
..the valley floor). Also in the park is the
..Livermore Peace Monument, a beautiful
..wood sculpture, and the gift piece of stone
..sculpture from one of Livermore's sister
..cities, Yotsukaido, Japan. (Did you know
..the first Sister City was Quezalzenango,
..Then go back north to Third Street
..turning left to the Carnegie Park History
..Center and Art Gallery (in the old city
..library) where you can see lots of history.
..In that park you will find the monument
..to the town's war dead, as well as old and
..new sundials. The old one was donated by




..The Herald (read date on base) .

..Some other places to visit include the
..Southern Pacific Depot on North L Street,
..the Trevarno Road historic district out
..East First Street, and on the National Regi-
..ster of Historic Places the former Bank of
..Italy Building at 2250 First St., plus the
..D. J. Murphy house at 291 Mcleod. You
..can ask at the Carnegie Park History
..Center for a walking tour map of more old
..homes and points of interest downtown.


..Did You Know This? The Liberty Bell
..came through town on a railroad flatcar,
..headed for San Francisco's Panama Pacific
..Exposition in 1915, pausing awhile for the
..crowd to see and touch; the Livermore
..High Band played at the station during
..the stopover.

..In September 1927, Charles A. Lindberg
..flew over the town to salute the patients at


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