Will the Last Person

Leaving Livermore

Please Unscrew the Bulb

In Fire Station One

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..the Vets Hospital, but didn't find the Hos-
..pital, so returned two days later, flying low
..so the men could see him wave, also buzz-
..ing the Arroyo Sanitarium and Del Valle
..In 1934 Max Baer, the "Livemore Lar-
..ruper," became world heavyweight boxing
..champion by defeating Primo Carnera.
..In 1924 Livermore High School prin-
..cipal Herbert Lee coined the slogan "Live
..Longer In Livermore" which was adopted
..immediately by the Chamber of Commerce.
..Wags from Pleasanton claimed you really
..didn't live any longer here, it just seemed
..time dragged on ....
.. In 1928 the City bought the first auto-
..mobile for the Livermore Police Depart-
..In case you wondered, Livermore is offi-
..cially 487 feet above sea level at the base of
..the flagpole on First Street.
..The April 1906 earthquake toppled the



..SP water tank in town, as well as some
..other private ones, plus several chimneys
..and lots of bottles off the shelves of the two
..local drugstores. Otherwise the populace
..went unscathed. Two earlier quakes, Oct.
..21, 1868 and May 19, 1889, were said to be
..as noticeable as the1906 tremblor. Then
..there was that 5.5 on the Richter scale on
..Jan. 24, 1980!
..In 1873 the Livermore Brewery was es-
..tablished by Schwerin & Schobel (forerun-
..ners of Bartles & James??) and was sold to
..Wendell Jordan in 1874.
..In 1882 a grizzly bear was killed at
..Cresta Blanca, the last one reported shot
..in the valley.
..Traffic Signals. On June 26, 1951 the first
..traffic light was put into service at First
..and South L streets; the second was on
..April 8, 1959 at First and South Livermore;
..and the third was on March 3, 1964 at
..First and P streets.


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