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..Ghosts Reported. In the Dec. 18, 1897
..Herald a front page headline stated:
.."Strange Visitations" and the subheads:
.."Unseemingly Midnight Sounds at the
..Reid Home; In the Dead Hours Doors
..Open and Shut and the Tread of Steps Is
..Heard on the Stairs." The story reported
..that strange noises once again frightened
..the Presbyterian minister's family and
..since he was away at the time of the occur-
..rence his family went to the home of
..friends to stay. The two-story frame home


..on South Lizzie Street was set back from
..the road about 60 feet behind an arbor
..partly covered by shrubbery. Some people
..claimed the hauntings had their origins
..from a lady who resided there several years
..prior; she held seances and allegedly tables
..and chairs would turn upside down and
..spirits' voices would engage those gathered
..in matters "not terrestrial .... " People pas-
..sing the house at night reported "queer
..sounds coming from beneath the residence,
..and white-robed specters were seen to en-
..ter and leave the premises." Rev. Reid dis-
..pelled such talk and vowed to remain at
..the home.

..Grizzly Adams At Corral Hollow. The real
..(not TV character) Grizzly Adams came
..to Corral Hollow in 1855-56, constructing
..traps to catch "bears of the largest type--
..California Grizzly Bears. Taking some of


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