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..his catch to the East, he showed them
..around to amaze the people who didn't
..have bears bigger than dogs back there."
..According to newspaper stories, his trap
..at the U-turn of Corral Hollow Creek was
..still intact in 1894, built of squared white
..mountain oak timbers.

..First Automobiles. The first automobiles in
..town were bought by two local residents
..in 1903, both one-cylinder models--a
..Haynes-Apperson by Dr. W. S. Taylor and
..an Oldsmobile by H. R. Crane.

..Community Gets Culture. The Sweeney
..Opera House was erected by John Sweeney
..along the east side of First Street between
..Lizzie and J Streets in 1904. Another cul-
..tural center, Dania Hall, was started in
..1907 and finished in 1911 (between card


..'Asterbinnerdink'. This was sort of an in-
..siders' joke among city fathers in the late
..1960s. It seems then-Mayor Bob Patterson,
..then-City Manager Bill Parness and other
..local pols would gather for various civic
..occasions at The Rancher or elsewhere.
..After dinner they would order a few
..drinks, and one evening Mayor Bob slur-
..red his words a bit; henceforth after that
..they always referred to their libations as
.."aster-binner-drinks" or even more simply
..just "a dink, please..." On a related note,
..back in the 1960s and 70s when city council
..meetings ended at a decent hour (or even
..when they didn't!) the councilmembers
..and press corps frequently retired to one of
..the booths at Mo Grannucci's or another
..group of them might end the night at Mal-
..ly's Restaurant. Now, adherence to the
..strict State Open Meetings Law prohibits
..such informal rump sessions of a council


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