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Barry Schrader

Barry Schrader's new book of his 100 favorite columns written for the Daily Chronicle over the past four years is available in January 2015. It is 208 pages, large paperback format with color covers, and is titled Hybrid Corn & Purebred People, Volume 2. This is a sequel to the 2010 book of the same name. The book can be ordered from the author by sending a $26 check for the book, which includes tax and shipping, to his address below on this page.

To see a list of 600 names in the Index, click here.

Acres of Change
Co-Author Barry Schrader

The latest book Barry helped write is "Acres of Change" which came out late in 2013. This 300-page full-color book highlights the history of DeKalb County, Illinois from 1963 through 2012.

It is a sequel to the book "From Oxen to Jets" published in 1963. The book can be ordered online from or picked up at Lehans Drug Store in DeKalb, Illinois.

Hybrid Corn & Purebred People
by Barry Schrader

The 100 favorite columns of Barry Schrader from his three years of weekly columns in the Daily Chronicle. Includes 120 photos, 50 of them never before published in the newspaper. Contains more than 600 names of local DeKalb County people.

This first volume has been reprinted in 2015 and is now available for sale at Lehans, Sweet Earth and Sycamore Antiques, plus a few local museums. Price is $21 for either book or if you want to purchase them as a set it is only $30 for both editions. Can also order the set to be mailed by adding $8 for shipping costs.

See attached index for list of names.

Will the Last Person
Leaving Livermore
Please Unscrew the Bulb
In Fire Station One


Barry edited this collection of 100 best newspaper columns from the writings of the late Walt Hecox. The book "The Best of Walt Hecox" was published by the Livermore Heritage Guild in June 2007 and is available for $22 at the Livermore History Center or by mail order. Go to the LHG website for ordering information.

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